That all people
enjoy a full and
meaningful life
within the community.

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Durham Family Resources works in partnership with families with a member who has an intellectual disability or a child with a physical disability, providing Family Support (services, resources, and other types of assistance) that enhance the capacity of the whole family to care for one another and to sustain and/or enhance their valued social roles as family members and as members of the community.


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Durham Family Resources believes:

  • in the essential importance of good family life.
  • that communities have a fundamental responsibility to welcome and support people with disabilities.
  • that, when provided with adequate support, families provide the safest, most consistent and loving environment for family members.
  • in the importance of promoting valued social roles for people with disabilities.

We do all this by:

  • respecting the primary decision-making role of families.
  • supporting people with disabilities to have valued and typical choices and significant and supported control over the direction of their lives.
  • promoting the importance of valued social roles for people with disabilities.
  • encouraging and supporting the capacity of the community to be responsive to people with disabilities
  • seeking to provide paid support that is of excellent quality and of sufficient intensity to maintain or enhance family functioning
  • engaging in ongoing reflection and evaluation to ensure that our work continues to take into account existing pressures and trends within the community and province and is true to our principles
  • replacing existing services and service practices only when an equal or better alternative can be provided