Finance and Administration Documents

Do you submit invoices to Durham Family Resources? Find current documents below!

Durham Association for Family Resources and Support provides a direct deposit payment service for families who choose to have their hired workers paid this way. Invoices, once approved, are sent to Durham Family Resources on a bi-weekly basis, based on an annual schedule issued by Durham Family Resources at the beginning of each calendar year.

This year Christmas and Boxing day fall on Monday and Tuesday, which will impact the Self-Employed Contract Worker Direct Deposit Schedule for invoice submissions. As this is a busy time of year for everyone and our deadlines are affected, we are revising our submission from December 27, 2023 to December 20, 2023 by 5:00pm.

We are aware that the billing period goes from December 10 - December 23, 2023, and this is an early submission. However, it is necessary to ensure all workers are getting paid on time. Please fill in the scheduled hours for December 21, December 22, and December 23, 2023.

We will process these payments and if there are any adjustments to extra hours or no hours for these days, we will correct on the following pay period.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact for clarification.

Thank you for your coooperation and happy holidays!

2023 Direct Deposit Schedule

Schedule of Invoice Due Dates, Pay Periods, and Direct Deposit Dates. Invoices must be submitted by Mondays at 4:30pm.

2024 Direct Deposit Schedule

Schedule of Invoice Due Dates, Pay Periods, and Direct Deposit Dates. Invoices must be submitted by Mondays at 4:30pm.

Self-Employed Invoice

Service invoice for hours and rate. Use when direct deposit is applicable.

Expense Invoice

Expense invoices are paid according to the direct deposit schedule.

Payment Process Update

Updates and changes to the payment process for the current year. Please read if you receive direct deposit from DFR.

Administration and Finance Support

The finance and administration department is essentially responsible to ensure that all financial, administration and personnel functions of the organization are conducted in a professional, accurate and timely manner in compliance with legal requirements and according to the policies and procedures of the organization. Service is provided on a not for profit basis.

Some ways this department assists families connected to Durham Family Resources:

  • Administer Individualized Funding Contracts (includes SSAH, Passports)– broker or hold funds in trust.
  • Administer payroll for families – set up a payroll account with CRA, coordinate receipt of invoices, process payroll, prepare government remittances and filings.
  • Administer payment to self-employed support workers on behalf of families.
  • Provide assistance to families with general accounting guidelines and basic requirements.
  • Provide information related to employee issues, Employment Standards Act and Labour Laws.
  • Income tax preparation service provided at a not for profit rate – this is provided for anyone interested in the service.
E-Transfer Payment Now Accepted! 
Durham Family Resources can now accept email transfers for invoice payments! If you receive invoices from us, you can now submit payment via email transfer to: