Established in 1978, Durham Association for Family Resources and Support (DFR) was incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in 1982. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are elected by a membership of families, volunteers and interested citizens.


We all enjoy full and meaningful life within our communities; we are all stronger when each member belongs.


DFR works in partnership with a person with a disability, their family and allies to imagine, plan, implement, and work toward a good life in family, neighbourhood and community.
Because our community is best when everyone contributes, our partnership aims to enhance the capacity of the whole family to care for one another and to sustain or enhance their valued social roles as family members and as members of the community.
We support our Vision by working with the whole family, together choosing resources, supports and pathways anchored in practice s that take place in ordinary community life, one person at a time, and use a Social Role Valorization (SRV) framework.

Board of Directors

Chair of the Board
Lawrence Rubin

Vice Chair
Sarah Netley

Ginette Cormier

Olga Minikh



Martin Birt

Mohamed Elghazouly

Scott McGrath

Johanne Penrose

Jane Silver