Bascule Bursary

Investing in people and in ideas that create

a good life

The Bascule Bursary is a small but joyful staff-generated fund used to bolster ideas and ventures that are found in typical, ordinary community. This bursary is used to financially supplement classes and fees, acquire supplies, business materials, equipment, etc. These small allocations of funds often provide critical pieces to a larger vision and plan. Funds are requested by Facilitators working directly with families on a particular endeavor.

Interested in Accessing the Bursary?

Have an idea or venture which could use a little support? The purpose of the bursary is to supplement some of the costs associated with interest-based pursuits that will lead to valued social roles within the community.

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The bursary is a small but joyful fund generated by Durham Association for Family Resources and Support staff and friends, available to those supported through the organization.

Interested in Supporting the Bursary?

If you would like to donate, or help with fundraising for this bursary, we'd love to hear from you! We are always looking at topping-up the fund outside of our bi-annual Hippiefest.

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Current Fundraising

Wildflower Honey from The Birds & the Bees of Bethany.
500g jar for $7.00

Available in our office: 20-850 King St W, Oshawa