Dear Family Members, Community Members, and other Allies,

Due to our determination to take part in slowing the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, how we support and connect with families will change significantly for near future.

As of 4:30pm on March 16, 2020, we will be closing our physical spaces - our offices at 850 King St. W in Oshawa, and our Adult Respite Home - until further notice. We sincerely appreciate your understanding. 

We would like to emphasize that even though our offices are closed, our team, through family and administrative supports, is still working and available to families. Facilitators and other staff members will be working from home, responding to email, making and receiving phone calls, and finding the most supportive ways to be with families during this time.

For practical purposes, please note:

  • Telephone calls and emails made directly to our staff members at their usual contact numbers and addresses remain in effect. Please call or make email contact as usual.
  • Our Accounting and Administrative work will also continue. Please send in invoices and timesheets in accordance with the current schedule.
    • The drop-box located beside the Gathering Place door at our main office will be checked regularly - although not all day long on final submission day, so please ensure that these are dropped off in a timely manner.
    • If you do not submit invoices or timesheets in this way, please contact your facilitator to ensure that you work out a method for timely submission all the same.
  • If you feel an urgent need to connect, you are able to do so directly with your facilitator, or with their Managers, Teresa (, Selena (, or Janet (
  • Your facilitator will also be helpful with the following;
    • Basic facts and information about COVID-19 to share with your family or supports,
    • Helping to figure out support and plans over the next few weeks,
    • Thinking through situations where support becomes unavailable and alternatives need to be found,
    • and ideas on how your family member might spend their time when regular programs, community centers, services, and other things are closed.
  • All group and learning events planned for the next month have been postponed until futher notice including:
    • Social Devaluation and its Address; The Importance of Valued Social Roles - scheduled for Saturday, March 21, 2020
    • Families Coming Together Family Meeting
  • Families who are booked to use the Adult Respite Home in the near future have been alerted that these plans are now on hold until further notice. Adult Respite Home staff will be in touch with affected families shortly.

Please continue to check with your facilitator and this website for changing information.

Below you will will find information which we think may be helpful to families at this time:

You can find current, reliable information about COVID-19 by visiting: