Introduction to Social Role Valorization (SRV): A revised conceptualization of SRV including 10 related themes @ The Gathering Place
Oct 21 – Oct 24 all day

This workshop provides an introduction to Social Role Valorization (SRV) using the 10 core themes, developed by

Dr. W. Wolfensberger, considered one of the most influential thinkers in the field of intellectual impairment in the world. Dr. Wolfensberger’s work helped lay the foundation for many current human service trends, including integration, safeguarding of rights, and the deinstitutionalization movement.

SRV is a systematic and universally applicable concept for structuring human services strongly anchored in the empiricism of psychology, sociology, and long and broad human experience. SRV suggests a close relationship between the socially perceived value of the roles that people hold, and whether people in those roles will be accorded opportunities and other good things of life. Bad things tend to get done to people who are seen in devalued roles, and good things tend to be afforded to people in positively valued roles.

Topics to be explored will include the universality of social devaluation, the defining power of roles in people’s lives, strategies for pursuing socially valued roles, or at least less devalued roles for devalued people with an aim toward improving their life conditions, enhancing people’s social images, and enhancing people’s competencies.

Who the workshop is intended for:

This is a LEADERSHIP-oriented workshop and is therefore taught at a college-level, with long hours and hard work. The information presented is quite complex, requiring a systematic exposition of multiple ideas. It should be noted that while past SRV participants report that these are among the most demanding workshops they have attended, they rarely express dissatisfaction and, in fact, appreciate the workshop’s rigour and high level of engagement. People who attend should be prepared for an intellectual challenge. Anyone who is interested in the lives of people who are disenfranchised from society because of intellectual impairment, mental disorder, poverty, homelessness, autism, age (elders), physical impairment or learning impairment (children and adults) will find it relevant, whether they are service recipients, family members (including parents, siblings, and adult children), advocates, ordinary citizens, and paid or unpaid human service workers, planners and managers.

 Format of the workshop:

The workshop is taught in lecture format, with extensive use of slides. Time is built into the schedule for audience discussion and questions, although there are no small group exercises in this format. The schedule will be 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. each day.

The tuition is $575.00, which includes handouts, lunch and refreshments each day.  There will be a reduction of 15% if 3 or more people from the same group/organization register.


75% of fees will be returned up to 7 days prior to the workshop.  There will be no refund if less than 7 days notification.

 For more information:

Please contact Sandra Thomas 905-436-2500 ext. 2304 or email: registration@dafrs.com

For online information about SRV, go to http://www.socialrolevalorization.com/ OR www.srvip.org OR www.srv-sotg.ca/

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Building a Context for Relationship @ The Gathering Place
Nov 22 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Building a Context for Relationship @ The Gathering Place | Oshawa | Ontario | Canada

This is a learning event for those who are serious about exploring and discovering the opportunities for welcome, engagement, and relationship that abound n our communities.


This day will include stories to stretch your imagination, a basic framework that you can begin to use today, some tips and ideas on support basics from a practitioner of 30 years, and some time for problem solving and brain storming for your own purposes.

“We cannot create relationship, but we can recognize, encourage, and design opportunities in which the miracle of relationship is more likely to occur.”

This workshop combines a good, principled framework with a practical, straight forward approach for bringing about the two elements that will make the most significant difference in peoples’ lives:  valued roles and relationship.

In this hands-on practical event we will plan, practice and polish setting up and supporting our own contexts that work. Starting with where you are at, we will find ways to make poor situations good, make good situations better, and shape a few situations to be the best. We will also explore good support strategies, developing natural supports, and have plenty of time to think about and work on your own examples and situations. The workshop is based upon the belief that when our communities are able to invite, welcome and appreciate the contributions of its most vulnerable members, we all benefit. Communities need support to discover these contributions. Supporters need a vision of possibility, a sound approach and effective strategies to take action.


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